cookies & bars
  chocolate chip cookies
chewy chocolate chip
  molasses cookies
soft, spicy, sweet goodness
fudgy brownies, peanut butter, cream cheese,
rocky road, espresso, raspberry & more!
  raspberry pecan shortbread bars
homemade raspberry jam between layers of buttery shortbread
  congo bars
cookie bars loaded with pecans & chocolate chips
  mud cake
rich, moist chocolate cake with buttercream frosting
  mud or yellow cupcakes with buttercream or chocolate buttercream frosting

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

oreo cookie oreo buttercream & an oreo cookie on the bottom

snickers caramel & snickers filling with buttercream frosting, topped with snickers

reese’s peanut butter filling with buttercream frosting, topped with reese’s minis

english toffee caramel icing, topped with toffee bits

chocolate chip cookie cookie dough center, topped with a mini cookie

chocolate raspberry mud cake with raspberry filling & raspberry buttercream

bailey’s mud cupcake with bailey’s buttercream

nutella nutella filled mud cake with buttercream, topped with toasted hazelnuts

dulche de leche caramel filled with buttercream frosting, drizzled with caramel

irish car bomb chocolate guinness cake, whiskey ganache filling, bailey’s icing

mudslide kahlua chocolate cake with baileys & kahlua icings

almond joy almond joy center, topped with coconut frosting

margarita tequila lime cake topped with tequila lime buttercream
tarts & pies
  apple, blueberry, raspberry, megaberry, lemon, pumpkin,
maple cranapple, pecan or chocolate pecan